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My Garden / Re: June garden
« Last post by Palustris on June 18, 2021, 04:09:12 PM »
The Deutzia was here, but in a very sorry state. We got no flowers the first year as for some reason all the new growth snapped off. The Tropaeoleum was here but growing up the Confer hedge which we removed so it was very disturbed when we dug out the stamps. What you see there is all new growth since then. The rest are our planting.
My Garden / Re: June garden
« Last post by ideasguy on June 18, 2021, 02:22:36 PM »
Lovely photos Eric.

Some of those plants must be quite mature. Were they at your new house already or did you bring them with you from your previous garden?
My Garden / Re: June garden
« Last post by Palustris on June 18, 2021, 12:58:19 PM »
Rather pleased with these blooms, despite the lack of rain.
Starting today, I am publishing a series of "Lessons" on how to use and enjoy my pride and joy - Ideas Genie Pro 6.
Its primarily for gardeners, but in this series of lessons I will be covering a number of topics which are equally helpful to Bank Genie users.

  • Backups (regrettably many Bank Genie users have had computer crashes and havent used the backup program provided)
  • The "Garden Photos" program
    I'll be explaining how this can be used for your (NON gardening) personal photos collection.
    If you have lots of digital photos of your family, weddings, christenings, holidays etc, etc than you will find this program perfect for organising them in a very efficient manner
    This one shows how you can filter on plants for a season in a selected year:
    My garden in Autumn 2013

    You will also see the option to show photos filtered by Calendar year.
    When you create a "garden" for YOUR family photos you will have fun watching your family grow up!
    (I will update this posting later to show a sreenshot example of a family selection). Please LOGIN and revisit.

  • The "Web Projects" program.
    Again, this program can be used for just about any collection of photos.
    Its purpose is to allow you to generate a set of web pages.
    Absolutely NO knowledge of creating web pages required. Ideas Genie does ALL of that for you.
    Heres an example:
    Jordans 21st birthday BBQ
    NOTE: There are 4 pages of photos. Keep clicking on the photos (or the arrow) to go to next photo in the project.
    Ive published this project on one of our servers.
    You can publish these projects on your own website.
    If you don't have your own website, You can also show these locally on your own computer.
  • The Articles program.
    This program is like a new continent - largely unexplored.
    I spent a long time on it. Its like a computerised filing cabinet.
    Its general purpose so one of the reasons I'm inviting Bank Genie users to participate in this project.
    If you are one of those people with sticky note reminders then this program allows you to store them in a logical fashion on your computer.
    Always hunting for documents you KNOW you have somewhere on your computer? This program is designed to allow you to create records with links to point to personally created memos, images (photos etc), pdf files, Word documents etc - again in a logical fashion on your computer.

Bank Genie users will already be familiar with the menu presentation and navigation.
If you’d like to participate and you don't already have Ideas Genie then try the free download:
Free download for Ideas Genie Pro 6

That will give you the download link.
I will follow up with a gratis six month licence[/list]
Ideas Genie Pro 6 - Released 2015 / Ideas Genie Pro 6 - Check for updates
« Last post by ideasguy on June 13, 2021, 07:47:25 PM »
As you may have guessed, Ive been working mostly on Bank Genie Pro 6 since 2017.
If you have an older version of Bank Genie, you can choose an option to upgrade to Bank Genie Pro 6 on this page:

Good news is I’ve now got that item well developed and am now enjoying using Ideas Genie Pro 6 again.
Since last year, I’ve been working on and off on a number of updates and enhancements.
Ive finally released my updates.
Under the Help tab on the Ideas Genie Pro 6 menu, start the program “Check for updates”.
There should be 3 items for download.
Let me know how downloading and installing goes please.

Not sure if your Ideas Genie installation is the latest version?
Click the Help tab on the menu and click on About Ideas Genie.
The latest version looks like this:

If you have an older version of Ideas Genie, you can choose an option to upgrade to Ideas Genie Pro 6 on this page:

Coming next...
I’ve been sounding out a number of Ideas Genie Pro 6 users (they have replied to say they have successfully downloaded and installed the updates) on doing something I used to do in 2007-2009 in Ideas Genie 4.
Lessons, to explain the “wonders of Ideas Genie Pro 6” on this forum.
Look out for your invitation to participate in the next forum announcement.


Very understandable explanation. ::)

It would be a pleasure to read some other replies next week. :D

My Garden / Re: The Ideasguy garden in June 2010
« Last post by ideasguy on June 11, 2021, 10:51:54 AM »
Just had a look over this topic again.
I'm afraid due to my "walking injury" I lost 2 months in spring this year (2021) and I'm working VERY hard to get back to anything near this level!
Its a good target!
Wow! You sure have touched on many aspects of the Ideas Genie Pro 6 system Robert!

In reply to Common Remarks No 3 in your posting, the method is already in the User Guide.
Use the program Link Photos - GA630.
Heres the link to the relevant section:
Re-pointing linked photos when a folder has been moved or renamed
My Garden / Re: June garden
« Last post by ideasguy on June 01, 2021, 07:07:58 PM »
Truly amazing Eric! What a terrific variety of flowers and shrubs you have in your collecton.
Keep up the good work!

(How are you nowadays??)
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