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Rock Buns
« on: January 26, 2008, 05:58:17 PM »
Despite the name, these cakes will not crack your teeth.  :)

8 ozs Be-Ro Self-Raising Flour
3 ozs Sugar
3 ozs Margarine (Stork is preferable)
3 ozs Currants
1 oz Peel (cut fine) - Optional
One Egg, and a very little Milk

1)  Put Flour and Sugar into a bowl.
2)  Rub in Margarine.
3)  Mix in Currants (and chopped peel if desired - I never use it).
4)  Mix to a Stiff Dough with beaten Egg and a little Milk.
5)  Place in 6 rough heaps on a greased baking tray (more if you want smaller cakes).
6)  Bake in HOT OVEN (425 - 450 degrees F.  Regulo 6-7) for about 20 minutes.

My preference is for 6 cakes at Gas Mark 6 for 20 minutes.

My wife loves my Rock Buns.  This is an art I perfected many years ago when I did Student Nurse training and excelled in the Domestic Science studies, beating the majority of my female trainees.  My expertise is in cake making I have to confess, especially as I have a sweet tooth.  ;)

I hope you will try this recipe and enjoy them as much as we do.