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Ideas Genie on the cloud
« on: October 13, 2012, 11:25:30 PM »
Following on from my experiments with Bank Genie and Dropbox:

the old brain is in hyperdrive! I can see an incredible opportunity for us to share an Ideas Genie database on the cloud.

Here's my initial thoughts.
This shared database could be set up as a copy of the current Master Database.
Each member could have a Garden on this shared database and maintain our own Garden.
We can add and share the plants on the database, by adding additional photos etc.

Problems: I'm pretty sure the database would not be "multi-user", so a lot of experimentation would be required.

A new challenge begins!!
Ideas Genie/ Ideas Genie Pro 6 is under way. The new version lends itself to the Dropbox project.
When its ready for testing I'll set up a download and set up the cloud database.