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In the beginning...
« on: January 06, 2006, 11:00:16 AM »
This is based on the software I have used for my own personal finances (Current Account, Visa etc) since early 1990's
When the millenium "happened" the software was abandoned on an old computer.
I got a new computer when I started to develop Ideas Genie.

When the taxman began to send me nice letters, I had to pull my expenditure and sales figures together for the dreaded "tax returns".
The bank software was resued from the old computer, and given a major overhaul.
I spent more time on the software than I did on the Tax Return.

Having made that upgrade, I decided to make it into a "Product"
As is usually the case, that took longer than expected, but the end result is good (I think!)
The orginal spec hasn't changed. Its primarily for managing your home finances.

Tax returns this year were simple!

I have been including a Bank Genie evaluation  CD with each Ideas Genie order for some time now.
If you've got a copy in your order package, give it a go sometime and tell me what you think.

Heres the Bank Genie websites:
(You'll find a Dwnload link)

Product Support:
(Note: NOT the same as above)

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