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Possibility of printing reports:Founded printing possibilities (color Navy) +Remarks + problems  +suggestions : :D
1. Overview (method= outgoing of the tabs at the top of the program Ideas Genie Pro 6 menu version 6.15.2016-08-11 once opened).
FILE   None   

EDIT   None   


1.Under “Books GA 608” -> 
GA608SO1 Books Prog version 2 -> gives print GA008RO1 Books
2.Under “Magazines GA 609”-> GA609SO1 Magazines Prog version 2 -> gives print GAOO9RO1 Magazines.
3.Under “Other sources“ -> GA 610SO1 Internet & other articles sources prog version 3 -> gives print GA010RO1 Sources for articles other sources.
4. Under “Plant divisions, categories and groups prog version 2” -> GA619SO1-> gives print GA0119RO1 Genera with divisions or sections.
5.Under ‘Plant types GA 618” -> GA618SO1 Plant type prog version 2 -> gives print GA018RO1 My plant types as defined in Ideas Genie.   

6. Under “Plants and gardens GA 604”->
     6a. Under tab “Plants- All” ->
           6a1.  GA 100 S18 -> give us print Report GA004RO2
                                      -> give us print Report GA004RO1
                    GA 100 S41-> give us print Report GA027RO1 (with choice “Species data inclusive or not”)
           6a2  Print label (Brother printer)
           6a3  Print label (Dymo printer)
           6a4  Tasks and Events Report -> GA629SO2 Specimen Events Report-> give us print Report GA029RO1.
           6a5  Under tab “Plants-Specimen” -> 1 possibility to print, namely by screen “GA100 S69 Toolbar and specimen details” -> the 4th tab PRINT -> …..                               
      6b. Under tab “Gardens” -> the same possibilities to print as under 6a.+ reports PRINT at the left -> 6b1 Print include specimens (give us report GA604RO9 All cost prices or Cost prices by year by Garden Area) + 6b2 Print exclude specimens (give us report GA604RO9 All cost prices or Cost prices by year by Garden Area).
      6c. Under tab “Options” -> none.
      6d. Under tab “Search”  -> none.
      6e. Under tab “Filter”     -> none.
      6f. Under tab “Sprees”  -> “Print this list”-> give us print Report GA 604 RO6.
7. Under “Link photos GA 630”-> none= no printing possibilities.
8. Under “Garden area photos GA 605” -> none
9. Under “Reviews GA 632” -> GA632SO1 ->
10. Under “Tasks GA 647” -> GA 647SO1 -> gives print GAO47RO2 (or Tasks by culture type, or Tasks by Tasknumber).
11. Under “Articles GA 607” -> GA 607 SO1-> none
12. Under “Query Program GA 606” -> GA 606 SO1 -> none
13. Under “Slide show-Garden Photos GA 614” -> GA 614 S0 1 none
14. Under “Slide show-Plant Photos GA 623”-> GA 623 S01 none
15. Under “Web projects GA 642” -> GA 642 SO 1 none

16. Under “Garden Tour Documents GA 615”-> GA 615SO1 Progr version 3-> none.
17. Under “My garden GA 616” -> GA616SO1 My garden prog version 4 -> print report = “ My garden”   + print to file = x txt file.
18. Under “My plants GA 634” ->  Printed reports for my garden prog version 4->  give us print Report GA034RO1 (print A4)
19. Under “Print photos GA 649” -> GA649SO1 Print photos Prog version 2-> give us print Report GA649SO5
20. Under “Labels GA 648”-> GA 648SO1 Labels prog version 3-> give us print Report GA048RO1   

21. Under ‘GA 669 just to GA 679”-> none.   

22. Under “GA 653 & GA 651” -> none
23. Under “GA 665 & GA 662 & GA 660” -> none   

24. Under “Help GA 602”-> GA602SO1 Help prog version 9 ->  print topic
25. Under “Your local agents details GA 665”-> none
26. Under “Product support GA 663” -> none
27. Under “About Ideas Genie Pro GA 600” ->  give us print Report GA600RO1
28. Under “More software GA 666”-> none.
29. Under “Check for updates GA 667SO1”-> none
30. Under “Menu version” -> none.   

1.Remark= No choice in which way to print; print immediately. No mentioning of “Report GA 008R01 Books “ in the footer.
Question: Would it not be possible to have the possibility to adapt or to add other fields by the fields “Ref code + title + author+ library ref+ date borrowed+ date due back”? For example: “The mentioning of the page and eventually title of an interesting subject concerning the garden plants, the print year and the ISBN number, and so on. Guidelines about the possible utilities of “GA 608 Books?”
2.Remark= No choice in which way to print; print immediately.  No mentioning of “Report GA 009R01 Magazines” in the footer.
Question: Would it not be possible to have the possibility to adapt or to add other fields by the fields “Ref code” + “Title”? For example: “The mentioning of the name of an interesting article in the magazine + page ?” + “other info’s like price of the magazine, year of acquisition or print date” and so on. Guidelines about the possible utilities of “GA 609  Magazines”?
3. Remark: It is not possible to add “an author” in screen GA 010SO1- new source” !!
 Question: Would it not be possible to have the possibility to adapt or to add other fields by the fields “Ref code,title,author” ? Guidelines about the possible utilities of “GA 610 Other sources”?
4. Question: I have 9 genera for the moment. Although printing goes well, by the genera “Paeonia” and “Hydrangea Linnaaeus” the following mention appears by “Print preview” or “Print” : “Warning erro- not found in spec data”. Why? How to resolve

6a1 /
6a2.Question: Which labeltype and which Brother printer? Guidelines?
6a3.Question: Which labeltype and which Dymo printer? Guidelines?
6a4=: Print report GA029RO1: Remark: It would be much better if in the title appears beneath “the name, place and land of the gardener” also “Specimen events report”. Question: The meaning and printing consequenses under screen” GA629SO2 Specimen and events report” of “Show main photo” & “Photos”? Guidelines?
6a5. Remark= PRINT give us for the moment no print for 1 specimen (when one clicks on “print” ->screen GA100S69 disappears!!!) -> Ideas Genie has to create the lay-out of the unexisting report.

6b1. Question: isn’it possible to also print a recapitulation of the cost prices by garden area, so it gives us on one page an overview of the total cost of the garden area’s ?
6b2. Question= idem 6b1

6f. ….

7. /
8. /
9. Remark= print -> error -> EXIT (bug). Is the reason there isn’t for the moment a review?. Question: Where can one add a reviewer and a review name? Guidelines and example please.
10. Remark: Only possible by month. Why not also by year ? Question about the print “Task by tasknumber”: Why doesn’t it print also the noted “task notes”? Question about the print of “Task by culture type all tasks” : Why can it no be printed by following tasknumber or by dates on which the tasks are done? On the print appears : “task title”+ “task number”+ “finished or active”. No mentioning of = “the taskday + specimen included+ task notes”.

17. Remark 1: Why can there not also been printed the info “noted “ which one can find under “GA100S11 Garden Profiles”?. Otherwise what’s the usefulness of what one has noted under “Notes” of GA100S11?
 Remark 2: Under “GA 616S01 My garden prog vers 4” one has the tab “Garden Area Photo’s”, but if one print the report “My Garden” there is no possibility of printing also these area garden photo’s !!! Why not???
Remark 3: Why also not mentioning the numbers of specimen of each plant in each garden area?
18. Remark 1 : Why not also by month/year subclassified by botanical name? (for example 2018/01 Acer + Narcissus +…. ; 2018/02 Hamamelis + Viburnum + … and so on ?.
Remark 2 Why also not by plant type, by month of flowering period?
19. Remark: This is so full of possibilities -> Guidelines please of the possibilities, examples and advantages of this.

20 Remark: Guidelines and examples please.

Common remarks:
1.   Much possibilities to print, but one has to search + one has no overview!!
Solution = Why not all the possibilities of printing regrouping under the tab “REPORTS”? So, one has an overview of all the printing facilities + it would be much easier to print something.
2.   Why not the possibility one should also being in the possibility to create a report form of his own?
Example 2.1. List of living specimens by alphabetic order, with the fields: Latin name, cultivarname, date of acquisition, date of planting in the garden, garden area, numbers of specimen living, numbers of specimen dead, flower period.
Example 2.2. Cost prices specimens by year/month of acquisition, with the fields “Year/month of acquisition, latin name, number of species bought, number of species death, living number of species alive, price per specimen, total price acquisition, total price specimens death, total price specimens alive.
Example 2.3. List of plants classified by flowering period.
Example 2.4. List of plants classified by garden area, subclassified by flowering period.

3.   Photo’s:
When one rename the garden photo’s or when one has to place them on an other device (new hard disc for example), one has to unlink each photo individually (in “GA 100S20 Plant photos”). This is very time consuming
 Isn’t there a possibility to choose a group of plant photos so one can them unlink in one gesture?

4.   Screen GA604SO1 Plants & garden:
When one clicks on “+dbf”, one has an output file “outfile.accdb”. Should one not be able to open it in  MsAccess + MS Word + Ms Excel (latest version Office 365)? How to handle (extended explanation) this and what will be the result?
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Wow! You sure have touched on many aspects of the Ideas Genie Pro 6 system Robert!

In reply to Common Remarks No 3 in your posting, the method is already in the User Guide.
Use the program Link Photos - GA630.
Heres the link to the relevant section:
Re-pointing linked photos when a folder has been moved or renamed
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Very understandable explanation. ::)

It would be a pleasure to read some other replies next week. :D