Author Topic: need advise on propagating Ozothamnus 'Sussex Silver'  (Read 3681 times)

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need advise on propagating Ozothamnus 'Sussex Silver'
« on: February 21, 2014, 11:13:45 AM »
I have been asked if i can grow approx 2000 Ozothamnus 'Sussex Silver' from cuttings, i have looked at the info on the rhs website for taking cuttings and i was wondering if anyone has any experience in this plant, i dont have any problems with taking the cutting its just knowing the best way as the rhs mention several methods

will root trainer/plug cells be ok,
they will need to be in a tunnel or greenhouse
i think the basic method for taking cuttings but i would like to check and be sure first
what is the preferred compost mix
will they need a heat bed to start them off

There are four different types of semi-ripe cuttings:
The basic method cuts just below a leaf to leave a prepared cutting of 10-15cm (4-6in) in length.
Heel cuttings (where the cutting is pulled away with a piece of the stem) can be used – Ceanothus and Berberis are commonly propagated from heel cuttings.
Basal cuttings are where the shoot is severed at its base. There is often a slight swelling here and the cut should go through this area. Brooms respond well to this method.
Mallet cuttings are sometimes used for Mahonia. Each leaf is planted as a cutting, burying it with a piece of stem attached

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