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What it is, and how it was conceived
« on: January 19, 2006, 11:59:07 pm »
A very keen Bonsai enthiusiast from Germany bought Ideas Genie in August 2004. We exchanged quite a few emails, and I got to hear about his passion for this hobby, and he sent me a few photos of one of his specimens, one a 35 year old Chinese elm tree.

The Specimens feature and the Tasks program seemed to convince Peter that Ideas Genie was pretty close to what he was looking for.
He then outlined his wish list, to make his ideal Bonsai Software.

I put it on the program update list.

Most of the features requested were very much of general interest. As a result of this specification, we now have Events (NEW)  in IG Pro and a brand new program for Tasks, so that Events and Tasks can be closely integrated.
I can tell you, it took me a few months of intensive development for that significant feature.

Basically, a Task is something you plan to do. An Event is something (e.g. a Task, but not restricted to a Task) that has happened.
Record keeping of Events for Bonsai enthusiasts is very important. I'll let Peter explain all that!

A copy of the old GA012 Tasks prog was revamped beyond recognition, so I have assigned a new program number to it.
Ideas Genie will continue to have the original GA012.

Can you see the application in the more general scene?
One obvious example: Growing plants from seed, and tracking the growing stages - date sowed, date germinated, date(s) repotted, date planted. You'll think of more applications!

Peter has waited patiently for the finished article.
Finally, at very long last, it will be released in the next 1-2 weeks.

As you can see from the above introduction, I would describe it in gardening terms as a "hybrid" version of Ideas Genie Pro.
In keeping with the Genie stable, Ive named it (no prizes for guessing) - Bonsai Genie.

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