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Landscape Trades
« on: February 18, 2006, 01:12:58 am »
I received an on-line request from a prominient member of the Ontario Horticultural Society, so being the inquisitive type, I took the liberty of looking up the Association and found their website.

Lots of exploring to do there, but I thought I'd tag this interesting link on their web site.

It took ages to open the web page (its a PDF file) but it was very well worth the wait.
Its a 48 page document and its tite is:
Landscape Trades - Spring 2005 Special Edition for Home Gardeners - New Plants for 2005.
Lots and LOTS of gorgeous plants!
And, theres an article (p40) about Andre's idol! Its entitled:
A look at Piet Oudolf's dream gardens.

Well worth printing off, and getting those plant delights keyed into a Genie near you!