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Backup to Flash Disk - Process
« on: May 09, 2007, 07:46:10 pm »
For purpose of this exercise, lets refer to the Flash as g: drive

1. Create a folder on the flash drive called:
2 Create  a sub folder in igdata_sets called:
my backup
3 Create a sub folder in "My Backup" called:

The full path to these folders is:
g:\igdata_sets\my backup\igdata

You can change "my backup" to another name, but don?t change the names of the other folders.

OK, so we now have the folder structure permanently on the Flash.

4 Run program System (menu tab)>System Paths-GA197
5 In Alternate System Backup Path click the Get a directory button and find and select:
g:\igdata_sets\my backup\igdata

10 SAVE Changes. (GA197 closes)

11 Start the backup program GA201
Click the Backup To pop-up, and change it to Alternate Backup Directory
Per the setting made ion GA197, the Backup folder name should change to:
g:\igdata_sets\my backup\igdata\
Continue with the backup.

Job done!

a) OLD versions of Ideas Genie do not have the ability to view that data on Flash using the "Data Source" pop-up in most program.
b) There IS a SWITCH database program in the NEW Ideas Genie Version 5 application
These features are also available in IG Pro, Bonsai Genie, Flower Genie and Bank Genie
The above backup can be viewed using any of those items.

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