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Found another new feature in version 6 :) but I don't understand :(

In the Reports drop down in the bottom right corner of BS408 I found a new option "YearOnYear (SubCat-Summarised)"  I've not seen any documentation on this and I searched the forum for any discussion but came up empty.

This might be a work in process area but here's some feedback...

I think this could be very useful but I struggled for a while to get anything meaningful from it.  I got closest when I had my From date as 01/01/2019 and To Date as 31/12/19 and I run that with no selection on accounts or categories.

At the top of the resulting report I get two lines that might just be debug displays of eight variable (Month and Year for From and To for This Year and Last Year)

Then for each subcategory I see four columns of figures which seem to correspond to the sum of values for This year, Last year, This Year and Last year.  ie column 3 is a repeat of column 1 and column 4 is a repeat of column 2.

What are the four columns supposed to be?

On one run I did get mainly zeroes in columns 1 and 2 but with some small non zero figures scattered around - but I don't seem to be able to recreate that.

The results also don't make sense if I select a from to range of ore than 12 months as some data is included in both "This period" and "Last period"


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