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Back on the forum after a long time simply using BG to record our finances.  I've changed my laptop to a newer model and had the fun of moving all my applications across.  Found that BG has moved on from 4 which has been serving my needs well for quite a while.  I think I missed out on update notifications because my email address changed.

Thanks to George's superb support I now have a brand new BG6 Pro + Inv running with all my data migrated safely - thanks

So now I'm looking at some of the upgrades that have happened while I've been looking the other way.  So I'll probably be asking a few questions (I HAVE read through the posts in this forum so some of my questions about new buttons on the Manage Transactions screen have been answered for example).

First question... Standing Orders and Direct Debits, Planner BS423S09
When I run this it gives me a very strange result - it suggests that I am spending over 428 THOUSAND pounds in a year (in direct debits and standing orders) - let me assure you that's not the world I'm living in.  There's a couple of issues I can see immediately - I have lots of monthly saver and savings accounts and I drip feed into them from a number of different accounts using standing orders.  When I run the program for All accounts then the debit in the transfer is counted, but there is no credit taken into account - so the movements from one account to another look like spending.  Also I have a direct debit which comes to an end this year in March but on the planner it is shown in every month so that overstates my spending.

Second question... I saw a comment somewhere about being able to change colour schemes - I can't find the comment again and I don't see an option about it - did I dream that?

edit to fix a couple of typos

Ah, you have been exploring Lee - and welcome back to the forum!
I'm very pleased you have upgraded to Bank Genie Pro 6

I'm afraid I haven't had time to do some more work on that Planner and yes, it is "rough cut" at present.
Please bear with me. I was hoping for more response from other users so we can have a good idea of requirements and specifications- other interested members please add a posting to this topic.

Question 2 is easier.
Under Setup tab on menu, use the Preferences program.
Click the Set Colours button.
Choose an existing Colour scheme or let your artistic talents run riot!
Pastel colours are best.
Make sure you don't choose a colour for a background which obscures the font.

Thanks George,

I appreciate the work in process state.  Thinking a little more about my shockingly large spending when I use planner for ALL accounts - perhaps the simple solution is to ignore transfers when running for ALL accounts

Question 2 is a "doh" - I did look at the My User Preferences screen and simply didn't see the Use Colours check box.  But now that I've found it, I see a minor issue - the Help balloon for that box is the help for the "Show Help Balloons" box.  And in fact, the same is true for "Window shading", "Use Classic style Program Selection screen", "Show Program names (Classic style)", and "Click outside of windows to close program" boxes.

I'm doing a Bank Genie  update at present for Barry.
When that's finished, I'll do some more work on the Planner/Budget features.

What I'd like is for all those interested to take a sheet and draw a row and column type example of how they'd like their presentation to look like. I don't want to go off on a tangent and spend days developing something which I THINK you guys want only to find its not as expected.
Then take a photo of the page and send to me as an email attachment. (or whatever method you can use to get your ideas across).

Re: The Question "Minor Issue".
Well, that's a "dohhhh" from me Lee. I'll correct that ASAP.


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