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David Rae:
I donít seem to be able to find many reports in the system, Iím specifically needing the following reports which I use often:

Transaction report by date, category, account
Comparison report, comparing year on year, by date etc
Where spent report, ie what did I spend on a specific category within a date range
Budget vs actual report

There are loads more but these are most important

Also can a forecast functionality be included where you can look ahead at account balances ( allow to choose which accounts to include)


Two questions there David, both quite easy to address!

Use the Transactions>Transaction Analyser for your reports.
Make sure you play with Selection Screen at the top of the screen.
Default is ALL (all accounts, all categories). Selection screen allows you to select Account Groups, Category Groups or one or multiple Accounts, Categories etc. to refine your reports. Visual presentation of the query results appear, then use the Print button or Save (to XLS or txt) if necessary.
This screenshot shows how to select the various reports:
Forecast/Cash Flow projections
Use the program Transactions>Process Standing Orders
Refer to this screenshot:
Screenshot shows how to use the date picker to select a date in the future - your forecast date. I find about 6 weeks is good for my accounts.
Click Refresh and Click the Process button.
Transactions for all Standing Orders, Direct Debits, recurring Payments and Income to the projected date will be processed.
Use the program Transactions>Manage Transactions.
That program will now show your running total to the date you selected above.


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