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Hosting by Easily - Beware
« on: November 16, 2018, 05:27:19 pm »
On 25th October 2018 I received this email from Easily - my web hosting and email provider:
On Wednesday, October 31, we will upgrade your Easily hosting and email services. Your DNS was previously upgraded.

This upgrade will give you improved performance and security, as well as access to a new portal to manage your services. There will be no added cost or interruption to your services.

I assumed everything would be automatically taken care of by Easily. How wrong I was!

On 31st October, as they indicated, they applied the upgrade.
The horrors began.
First I noticed that the forum had gone blank.
I thought things were quiet, then I discovered that all 3 email accounts were not working.
I tried to update one of our websites. The changed were not being applied (later discovered that I was updating the now "OLD" server).
The biggest problem? New customers could not register their licences (the MySQL database had been moved to a new server).

The email from Easily (above) said there would be no interruption to services.
It took me 14 days to get my services all working again :o

To new customers reading this who were unable to register for up to 2 weeks - please accept my sincere apologies and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you to those who emailed to report the forum down. Unfortunately it was 3 days before I managed to open email to read your messages - via webmail initially.

Ive used Easily for about 18 years. They were reliable and responsive until early this year. Ive discovered that they have been causing mayhem since they began rolling out this upgrade since early this year.
There are many once happy customers who have suffered the same disastrous experience. Read some here:

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