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I would like to be able to export to excel but it seems it can only be printed?

Excel file output - not as yet Keith.
Didn't think it would be necessary, I have to confess.

I'm working on another Bank Genie Pro 6 development at present.
I'll do the XLS  output for you when I get back to that and other pending enhancement requests in the pipeline.
Matter of interest, is anyone else interested in XLS output from Net Worth report?

Again - I realise this is an old thread but - yes I would be interested in an xls output version of the Net Worth report.

Thank you for reminding me Lee. Its on the To Do list. It gets longer!
I'm amazed at the scope of Bank Genie.
I've added lots of features over the years, some easy, some "tortuous" (Investments in particular!) but with fertile user minds there's always more :D

Another "interesting feature" I found yesterday.... the printed version of net worth report is in a different sequence to what is shown on screen.  Not sure if there is any reason for this.  I notice that the on screen display now shows investment accounts and linked cash accounts next to each other.  Perhaps you changed the on screen version to be able to do this and missed doing the same in the print???


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