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« on: December 17, 2017, 09:02:21 pm »
I see there was a topic about Backing up your machine some time ago, in which George recommended backing up to a separate disc. I would like to emphasise how very important this is, but I would go much further than what George recommends. If your information is not in at least two places, YOU ARE NOT BACKED UP/i]. Some people think "Oh, it won't happen to me" but believe me it can. I had an almost new HP Laptop some years ago and without warning the hard disc packed up and none of my data including several years worth of family photographs could NOT be recovered from it. My supplier was able to set me up with a new hard disc, but all my information was completely wiped during the process. Fortunately, I had copies of all my sensitive data in at least three places. One was the plug in hard disc that George recommended, the others were password protected Cloud storage.

Many people I think would like ideally to backup, but are put off by what they see as a difficult and time consuming task. But it need not be so. I very strongly recommend a program called Macrium Reflect (just Google Macrium Reflect for details). I use the free version, which enables me to not only automate the backup of all my important files, but also to take a regular image of my hard disc so that if, for example, I get a new computer, it is a simple matter of restoring that image to the new computer and I'm back up and running. A 20 minute job at most. If you visit the website and search for Backup, you will find lots of help available. DON'T DELAY - DO IT TODAY.

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Re: Backups
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strong agreement! there are various methods and programs but multiple locations is the key.