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Linking photo's
« on: August 18, 2017, 12:40:13 pm »
Hi  - I'm trying to link photo's but keep getting a system error
Program name:- FG037/43
Error No:- 1903
Error Message:- String is too long to fit.                                                                         
Line Number:- 48
Program Code:- Foxcode table not found, is not correct version or is incompatible.                                 
Program method:- FG037S16.FILLFILS                                           
Error date:- Thu 17/08/17
Error Time:- 15:54.
I usually save my photo's in .jpeg file form. I've changed settings to my photo folder, but i keep getting this error
Hope you can help

Caryl :)

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Re: Linking photo's
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2017, 11:44:44 pm »
Hello and welcome to the forum Caryl.

My apologies for the delay in picking up on this. Ive been engrossed on another project today.

Ive had a quick look at the program and it looks like one (at least) of the files in the folder where you have photo(s) which are causing the error has a file extension of more that 5 characters.
Can you look inside that folder using Windows Explorer or File Explorer and see if there is a file with a big extension?

It would be quicker for both of us to resolve this problem by telephone. If that's OK, please send me an email with a landline number.
Have to get you back enjoying Flower Genie 4 as soon as possible  :)

Ive edited a file in one of my folders to RIMG0012.jpgerg (jpgerg being a six digit extension) and Ive been able to recreate exactly the same message you have reported.
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Re: Linking photo's
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2017, 02:45:35 pm »
I found this site with a list of known file extensions:

Biggest I can see there:
With 7 characters:

With 8 and 9 characters:
DESKLINK, GAMEPROJ, Mediawiki + more

With 10 characters:

With 12 characters:

Conclusion - allow for a maximum of 12 characters to avoid this System error.

Does anyone know of a file extension longer than 12 characters?

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Re: Linking photo's
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2017, 10:29:18 am »
All fixed, I'm pleased to report.

On the phone, Caryl and I established that it was indeed a long extension (in a hidden file) which was causing the problem.
I set up a Flower Genie 4 program update. Caryl used the Check for updates program to initiate the download and continued to install.
When the updated program was run, another error occurred.
Examining the system error report (which is easily reportable using the new feature in the Error Log program) I found that the problem appeared to be a long file name.
On the phone again, Caryl confirmed that one of her files had a very long name.
Flower Genie 4 allowed a maximum of 100 characters as a file name. It was a guess when designing Flower Genie 4 and I thought it was more than enough  :D
I did another program update (to program Plants and Gardens - GA037).
The program now generates a message if a file name length is greater than 100 and advises the user to rename the file if it is to be used in Flower Genie 4.
It  skips that file, allowing the user to select the remainder of the files in the selected folder.

The program also generates a message if a file extension is greater than 10 and again skips files of that type, as I don't think they are images or videos.

My advice: In the unlikely event that files with extensions greater than 10 are a) found  :o or b) mixed up in the same folder as some of your jpg's etc, move problematic files into another folder (or create a new folder and move your images).
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