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No dig gardening
« on: July 17, 2017, 10:50:00 PM »
I'm fighting a losing battle with grass in my flower borders.
I'm trying mulching them this year. I'll explain that in more detail in my subsequent posting in this thread.

I used my large rotavator on one bed a few weeks ago. It left fragments of grass roots on the surface.
I left them to dry out until now and am now attempting to remove as many as possible. To my horror I find that even the smallest fragments below the soil are sprouting again.
That would explain why I'm multiplying the density of grass roots.

In some areas I use a fork, attempting to remove grass roots intact. In flower borders where Ive been doing this for years I find that no matter how deep I dig I find nasty grass roots. Worse still, its a thicket of underground grass roots in some areas  - forking them out is murder!

Conclusion? I'm not removing all parts of the roots. The small parts I miss are growing again (rapidly!!!) and worse still, I'm burying them deeper with my actions.

Ive found this:-
Has anyone experience of this method?
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