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Croissant Recipe


Another one of my weaknesses
Just had these for breakfast, so decided to look for sowing, planting and growing instructions (ahem) and found this:

and going up to the home page
you'll find a few other delights

Wow...after reading the time spent on making...I rather pick up the croissants from Delifranc around the corner
at 9 a.m. and cost me 90 p each !

Anyway..never try never know how tasty home cook food is  ???  thanks

I had a good chuckle at that comment Jessie  ;D
Yese, we should savour every delicious bite - to appreciate the effort by the person who made them!

On the subject of home cooking, a very good friend sent me a cookery book all the way from Singapore.
Its called Cooking with Chinese Herbs.

Gosh, yes -  of course, it was YOU!!   :)

Whats your favourite dish in that book?


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