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Special instructions for downloading
« on: November 11, 2006, 12:11:01 am »
You MUST change the install folder when you download updates for Bonsai Genie.
This posting explains why.

All Ideas Genie Pro programs are included in Bonsai Genie.

Bonsai Genie has a few additional programs, specific to the Bonsai application.
Thus the Menus are different.

Apart from that, everything is common between Bonsai Genie and IG Pro.


The special instructions:
1) Be sure to download the correct menu
2) Download any other program updates on the IG Pro product support web page.
3) The downloaded IG Pro programs will have the IG Pro installation folder as default.
You must change this.
If you accepted the defaults when you installed Bonsai Genie, your programs will be in a folder called:
c:\program files\ideasforgardens\Bonsai Genie\
Watch carefully during the installation of program updates, and you will see a dialog box informing you where the files are to be installed. Click the browse button and locate your installation folder (see above)
Then proceed with the installation.

You wont have any problems if you miss the dialog box.
The installer will create a new folder called:
c:\program files\ideasforgardens\IFG_IGP\
and install your downloaded program into that new folder.

If you wish, you can let the Installer go ahead and do this,and then move the downloaded program into the Bonsai Genie folder, and overwrite the old program.