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Tomato Soup


Mary made soup from our abundance of tomatoes. I don't like tomato soup normally, but this was something different.
There are a lot of recipes on the internet. Here's the one we used:

Mary opted not to sieve the soup (as in No 5 in the instructions) so the end product had a "bit of body".

Another few servings were made yesterday, so guess whats for lunch :D
Lots of tomatoes in the greenhouse yet, so we'll be harvesting up to the frosts.

I like tomato soup but don't have so much of it nowadays.

We've never had any tomato plants to make our own soup with anyway, so I used to eat the cream of tomato soup from tins.

Ha, ha, I know there's probably no comparison there and homemade is usually better, but you take what you can get  ::)

Anyway, rich soups and bread, etc., don't figure into our Slimming World 'journey' now so I'll put this recipe into archive for now  ;) (....more on that in another topic maybe  :-\ )

That particular recipe was chosen because its suitable for slimmers ;)
We've been trying out the 5 and 2 method. It works for us :)
When gardening starts in spring, I usually shake off all the weight gained over Christmas etc.
This year it wasn't happening so we went on that type of dieting system. Mind you, I walk twice a day, early morning and late at night.


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