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Lost Main Menu and minimise, maximise and close buttons at top of screen.

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Ken Blane:
After having a problem shutting down Windows 7, I found that the next time I started Bank Genie Pro 4 the Main Menu at the top of the screen was missing as well as the usual minimise, maximise and close buttons.  I "googled" the problem and found the solution was to right click on the Bank Genie application in the taskbar whilst holding down the shift key and then clicking on "maximise".  The menu and other buttons were restored.

I've had to support this problem a few times, Ken.
To date (yesterday) my solution was to ask the user to click on the very extreme bottom edge of the Bank Genie screen and drag it down a little. By magic, the Menu bar normally appeared.
That didn't work in our telephone session yesterday, so I am very pleased you found this information.
Its much easier and far less haphazard than my previous "solution".

Many thanks for posting. I shall add it to the Bank Genie User Guide FAQ :)

Members may be interested to know that it works for any application. There are more options on that Shortcut menu which appears.

Thanks , that did the trick, took a few goes to get it right though

Another big "Thank you" to Ken :)
For once it wasn't a worry when you reported that you had that problem Keith.
All I had to do was look for Kens posting and refer you to that.

  Main menu resurrected - thank you   :)


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