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Introducing myself
« on: September 16, 2012, 10:55:59 am »
My name is Michael Creswell and I am new to the Bank Genie site,  I have in the past used many other personal finance programs and I am hoping that this is a good program for all those home UK users looking for a well explained and fairly simple system that covers most of our day to day activities. I would however prefer that the forum be divided into those wishing to see Bank FAQ and those wishing gardening ideas. It is not very helpful to have to trawl through hosts of gardening Q & A to find the answer to  financial question.
But I welcome any contact regarding accounts matters, and although English I am presently residing in Normandy, France.

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Re: Introducing myself
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2012, 12:23:58 pm »
Hi Mike, and a warm welcome to the forum.
Last night, and this morning, Ive been on the phone with Mike from New Zealand - he has free phone calls so each call lasted about an hour. He has now imported his data from Microsoft Money. He has Multi Currency Accounts and has installed and is now running Bank  Genie Pro on Windows 8, 64 bit computer with dual monitors.
Each of those features and hardware points mentioned took a lot of development, so all in all, an incredibly good "test" environment for Bank Genie Pro.
So far, its looking very good and I will take the liberty of saying that he was as excited and enthusiastic about his "new toy" and how data looked in Bank Genie Pro as I was :D

From our email communications I gather that your present Personal Finance Program does not provide an Export facility, so you have to start afresh by a mixture of a) downloading OFX or QIF files from your on-line bank accounts and importing the data and b) keying up data manually.

I explain all this to get to my point - You wont see the full value of Bank Genie until you have built up a history of transactions and see how the Transaction Analyser program allows you to query huge amounts of data with speed, show the results as a visual presentation, then (if needs be) allows you to choose from a range of output options (hard copy report, Excel or TXT files).
I hope you will find the software useful, and enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed developing it :)

Navigating the forum.
I have to agree its a bit cumbersome with the mixture of gardening and bank related topics.
Here's a couple of tips.
1) Click Home
Scroll down until you get to the Bank Genie board.
All relevant section headers (leading to topics) are now shown for that Board

2) You can make it a little easier to navigate by collapsing Boards which are not of interest to you.
Here's how to do that:-
Click Home.
Scroll down.
Click on a Board Name (e.g. Flower Genie.)
Note that the contents of that Board below "collapse" and disappear.
Do for any Boards which are not of interest.
That will reduce the Home page and the amount of scrolling.
I would advise to use Method 1

Does that help?