Author Topic: How to make a SWAP library database  (Read 1656 times)

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How to make a SWAP library database
« on: October 09, 2006, 03:24:42 pm »
Here's a general method for creating a SWAP on your hard disc, Flash drive or external drive.
This process works for Ideas Genie AND Ideas Genie Pro
For purposes of his exercise, Ive used c: to refer to the drive.
Substitute as required.

1. Create a folder at root level called:
Thats an underscore, NOT a dash. Make sure you name it exactly!!
The full path to this folders is:

Next make a Sub Folder within that folder called:
The full path to this folders is now:

Next make a Sub Folder within THAT sub-folder called:
The full path to this folders is now:

Note: You CAN change the folder name SWAP to another name if you wish, but not the other folder names.

2 Start Ideas Genie (or Ideas Genie Pro)
Keep the Flash Disc attached, if building on that media

3 Run program System (menu tab)>System Paths -GA197
In Backup Folder No 2 click Get a Folder
Find and select:
on the hard disc, Flash Drive or external drive
Click Save Changes. (GA197 closes)

4 Start System> Backups -GA201
Change the Backup to pop-up to Backup Folder No 2 (folder)
Click Do Test
If all files are intact, screen GA201S02 appears.
Click Do Backup

Job done

NOTE: Modified July 08 to comply with Version 5 screens for both Ideas Genie and Ideas Genie Pro.
Note also that if you are a Bonsai Genie user, the process is exactly the same.
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