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How to make a SWAP CD
« on: July 26, 2008, 12:02:24 am »
If you wish to share your database with other members, or indeed to distribute it commercially you can make up a CD as follows.

Step 1
Make a SWAP folder
On this forum, the instructions are given in the Ideas Genie board, in a section named SWAP Technology.
See the Topic How to make a SWAP library database. Here a link to the topic:,210.0.html

Step 2
Embed your photos
In IG Pro, under the Tools tab, start the program Embed Photos - GA053
Click the Get a Folder button
Select your SWAP library data folder (note that it is called igdata, and its located UNDER your SWAP folder)
Leave the Do it check box unchecked (default)
This allows you to test your links before running the embed process
Click the Encapsulate button
You get an Information dialog box which shows a Processing Summary
Ideally it should show Errors= 0 and Bad= 0
If not, try and fix the bad links and run the program in test mode again
When OK, check the Do it check box and click the Encapsulate button to embed the images in your database

Step 3 (You need a CD writer)
The idea is to replicate the SWAP library database on a CD (or DVD)
You have a ready made sample - The Master Database. Put it in your drive and study the folder structure on the CD using My Computer, or Windows Explorer

Put a blank CD into the CD writer.
The CD writer software detects your writable CD and opens, offering a number of options.
The process is different for different CD writer software.
On mine (Iomega Hotburn)  I choose Data CD (other options are Music CD, CD Copy etc)
Heres the most important steps.
Create a folder on the CD called igdata_sets
Open that folder (still on the CD)
Now open My Computer or Windows Explorer
Locate the igdata_sets folder on your disc.
Open the igdata_sets folder
You should now see the SWAP folder you created in Step 1
Drag the SWAP folder from the hard disc onto the CD
You are dragging this folder into the igdata_sets folder on the CD
Since you have embedded your photos in the SWAP database, you DONT have to drag images onto the CD
Burn the CD

You now have a SWAP CD.

Testing your SWAP CD
Test it by starting FG, IG or IG Pro
Start any program which allows you to change the Data Source - lets use FG037 (FG) or GA037 (IG or IG Pro)
Click the Data source pop-up
The name you gave your SWAP library folder will appear in the list.
The folder name is prefixed with the drive letter
Select the SWAP on the CD drive
The program closes your database on disc and opens the database on CD.
You will get a message to say the database is read only - that is normal.

Select a plant which has a photo
Right Click on the photo
Screen GA100S20 appears
The title bar should read: Plant Photos GA100S20 (Embedded)

The REAL test
Test the SWAP CD in another computer (needs to have FG, IG or IG Pro) - one that does NOT have copies of the photos used in your SWAP
Start FG, IG or IG Pro and repeat the test process above.

Better still - make my day - send me a copy of your CD. I'd love to see your good work.
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