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Plum and Almond Cake


Lyn and Malcolm:
Lyn and Malcolms Garden Cake Recipes

Plum and Almond Cake

235g unsalted butter
235g golden castor sugar
4 large eggs beaten
255g self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
75g ground almonds
4 drops almond flavour
30ml milk
3 plums stoned and sliced
1 tbsp demerara sugar

Beat the sugar and butter in a bowl until pale and creamy
Gradually beat in the eggs, add a little of the flour if the mixture curdles
Fold in the flour, baking powder, ground almonds, milk and flavouring
Spoon into a lined 9 inch round spring form tin, and level the surface
Arrange the thinly sliced plum on the surface, not too much in the middle, and sprinkle the Demerara sugar on top
Bake for approx 50 minutes at 150c
Test with a knife inserted in the centre which should come out clean

Thanks for that Malcolm. It sure does sound tasty :)

Printed, and placed strategically ;)

Sounds delicious Malcolm.

Ditto with George  ;)



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