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Garden Open Day Cakes

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Lyn and Malcolm:
Here is a picture of the cakes we made (12 of them) for our open day on July 11th 2010. Some of the are yet to be filled, we always leave the filling till the morning of our opening.

This year we have produced a fully laminated recipe book, which contains the recipes for ten of the most popular cakes.
I will post here the recipe for the cake which is the most popular of the open day.


They wont see the day out :D

The recipe book is a great idea Malcolm!
Have a nice day.

Lyn and Malcolm:

You were right George, the cakes didnt last, all gone, every slice.
We had 262 visitors on a dry and quite sunny day.
It turned out I was out in the garden at 6.15 am before we headed off with the signs.

The Plum and Almond cake was the first cake to be demolished, I will put the recipe up here in the next couple of days.


Congratulations Lyn and Malcolm - a job well done.

You were very lucky with the weather too.  Just as well you didn't have our weather - very strong and blustery 25 mph winds.


RE: In another topic

--- Quote ---Not looking for the 308 I think that came to our first opening of the year last year, but over 200 would be nice.

--- End quote ---
262 on the day was a fantastic turnout. I hope they didn't all arrive at the same time :D
Is there a time limit for visitors?

Looking forward to the recipe. I'll leave it in prominent places around the house ;)


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