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BonsaiGenie released
« on: February 27, 2006, 10:45:33 am »
I thought I'd never get this project finished.
BonsaiGenie (IGB)  is a variant of IdeasGenie Pro (IGP).

IGP is an upgrade to Ideas Genie (IG)
The project was started in August 2003.
The difference is in the database structure. Take IG, add new fields for new data, new files for new data, amend every program in IG to access the new data, and add a range of new programs to introduce new concepts to allow the user to work with the new data fields and files... and you have IdeasGenie Pro.

IG Pro couldnt be released until IGB was finished, and vice versa.

As you can guess, I'm relieved beyond words to say that Ive finally got the whole database and the program development completed.

Now its time for beta testing.
What is Beta testing? Its when a new program is released for testing by volunteers for de-bugging.
There WILL be bugs.
No matter how careful a developer is, when the software is put in the hands of a user, bugs will be exposed.
During Beta, the developer gets feedback from users, and fixes the bugs.
When no further bugs are found, the Final Product is ready for market.

For posterity, the momentous release date is Mon 27th Feb 2006.
BonsaiGenie has been placed on a server for download and testing.
I've just finished downloading and installing it on a "clean" computer (i.e. one that hasn't already got the software)

Ive emailed the URL for the download to Peter in Germany, and Beta testing begins!

P.S. Now you know why I have been "quiet" on the forum for a few weeks.
Please talk among yourselves. Its a forum after all!
I keep an eye on the forum continually and enjoy the break to read your messages.