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Error: Action Cancelled
« on: December 31, 2005, 12:29:19 pm »
Only one problem reported to date.

If you type in your licence number and click "Register" and get the message:
Action cancelled

Case 1
It means (in this case at any rate) that you are not connected to the internet.

I spoke to the gentleman on the phone, and asked him to try and lookup a website (go surfin' !!)
It didnt work, so we quickly concluded that he wasnt on line.
After connecting to the internet, registration went smoothly.

Case 2 (Possibly)
You may ALSO get this message if the registration server is off line.
This can happen due to normal maintenance by the people who administer my servers:
For your information they are:
Maintenance is done about once per week. Its perfectly normal. They have to do their backups etc, the same as you and me!
In this case, interruption may be brief.
Hence, try again in half an hour or so.

Case 3
The registration server IS REALLY down.
This is referred to as "outage"
You get a crash on your computer from time to time? So do people who do web hosting.
Theres also quite a number of other things that can go wrong!

When this happens, one or all of my web sites go "Off line"
This has happened a number of times in the five years or so that I have been with Easily.
It may be brief. In one bad case over a holiday period it lasted for a few days!

What to do if you suspect this to be the case:
1) Email me, please
2) You can visit the Easily web site and check status.
They post messages when they are experiencing difficulties
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