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River Cottage Scones

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Did any of you watch the last series of River Cottage where they had the baker teach a lassie how to make great scones??   I absolutely LOVE scones, but really can't eat them much these days due to my mouth dryness (Sjogren's), but these sounded and looked so much nicer than the usual ones I've ever made before, and after having tried to make them 3 whole times, I can tell you they are worth the time/effort - much softer and richer than "bogstandard" scones and the taste is just beautiful.  I still couldn't eat them sadly - I forgot the sugar in the 1st batch, burnt the 2nd batch, and forgot to leave the cream out so it wasn't chilled (which I was told was the reason) so my 3rd batch ended up rather crumbly on it, but its testament to my desire for them that I bothered to keep trying!   I only managed a few mouthfuls tho before I had my usual problems, but could tell the taste/texture was so much nicer in comparison to previous ones.

If you fancy having a go - I'd love to know what a "normal" person thinks about them LOL - River Cottage Scones.

We've never watched the River Cottage series but that scone recipe sounds divine.

Unfortunately, Kathy and I have just started dieting so we'll have to resist the temptation to try them (for now anyway  :D).  Maybe if we stray from our diet we'll give them a try.

I'd never heard of the Sjogren's condition before so I did a quick search on Google.  It sounds like a very debilitating condition, so I sympathise with you.  It must be very difficult to deal with.

Anyway, I'm sure there are many other sweet-tooth members out there who could be tempted to try this recipe (are you listening George  :D ), and will give their report in due course.

Thanks for letting us know about it Romayne.  ;D

I notice that your 'Profile' photo is not showing on your postings, which is a shame.   :(



--- Quote from: Kathy & Laurie on August 03, 2009, 07:10:27 pm ---I notice that your 'Profile' photo is not showing on your postings, which is a shame.   :(

--- End quote ---

THere you go - hadn't spotted that my previous pic hadn't shown up properly - wouldn't have let you see what I look like anyway as I rarely tend to like doing that on forums to be honest - just a personal quirk of mine.   You're right about the SJS - it's a pig of a syndrome to have indeed, but ironically only 1 of a raft of rheumatic problems that are frustrating me at times.   I've more diagnoses than I have plants almost LOL!!   So eating is definitely a difficulty for me just now, along with quite a few other normal tasks, but I manage - like anything when you have to, you can cope with anything.  But I so miss eating bread and buns etc, as I've a direly sweet tooth - not that you'd know to look at me, as I'm also direly underweight but at least I have a bit of leeway to enjoy sweet things when I manage them.

I'm not able to cook or bake much but those scones have captivated me like nothing else  :) !

It's great to see you got your photo sorted out Romayne.  8)

I know what you mean about being apprehensive revealing personal things on Forums.  We were the same to start with when we joined.  You'll find on here though that you won't get any derogatory remarks from our other members.
Forum participants have to be registered users of George's software to be able to post here, so he has already vetted them beforehand.

Both George and I are aware, and extreme concerned, about how some Forums can turn into very unpleasant places to be, which only serves to turn the good people away.

You'll find this Forum a very pleasant and friendly place to be.

Although showing your photo is not obligatory on your postings, George thinks it's nice to be able to put a face to the active members.  ;)

Anyway, it's good to have you with us.  Keep up the good work.


Yip, Mr Sweet Tooth has just printed that recipe off.
I dont bake,but I know someone who does  ;)
mmmm - How many brownie points have I built up?


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