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The last 11 days I walked through the Swiss Alps near the village of Leysin. In the beginning of the 20th century this was a medical treatment center for tuberculosis. Now it is a touristic center with breathtaking views and a source of inspiration for the creator of natural borders and rock gardens.
I've seen a multitude of plant combinations a capable garden designer couldn't have done better. A combination of colours going together with contrast of leaves and flower forms. It's as if nature follows the principles of good garden design ;)
I included in this message a few illustrations to show what I mean.
The next days I will post a series of pictures I know from name, but also some I don't know yet. Perhaps the Horticultural Ideas Genie Society (HIGS)  ;D can elevate my botanical level.

I've just found out that when you use the looking glass and move then over the pictures the details are good. I learn every day!


Hello André
Its really good to hear from you again  8)
I missed you visiting and sent a couple of emails. Now I know why there was no reply!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday. It sounds like you did, and thanks for posting those photos.
More to follow? Great  :)

The HIGS eh?
Now thats rich!
Since you are talking Alpine plants, I expect Eric (palustris) will be appointed as project leader (Wizz) in this exercise!
We will assist as best we can  :)

Yes, creators of perennial borders and rock gardens can learn a lot in this landscape.
I found combinations with Geranium sanguineum, G. phaeum, G. robertianum, Digitalis grandiflora, Centaurea, Scabiosa, Lamium galeobdolon, Campanulas, Aquilegia atrata.

I'm not completely sure about the names of the following plants:


Were all those plants growing in the wild André?

Hopefully someone will be able to help with the ID.

Yep, dear George, roaring wild they were ;D
I have some ideas about the identity of the following plants, but are my guesses right??



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